This page has all the agendas for Wrose Parish Council meetings from 2013 to 2017


12 January agenda 2017 - St Cuthberts.docx

08 Feburay agenda 2017 - Methodist.docx

09 March agenda 2017 - St Cuthberts 

12 April agenda 2017- Methodist

Annual meeting agenda 11 May 2017

14 June agenda 2017 - Methodist.docx



January agenda 2016.docx

June agenda 2016.docx

July agenda 2016.docx

February agenda 2016.docx

24 Feburary 2016 agenda ex meeting.doc

March agenda 2016.docx

April agenda 2016.docx

August agenda 2016.docx

September agenda 2016.docx

October agenda 2016.docx

November agenda 2016.docx

December agenda 2016.docx



December agenda 2015.docx

November agenda 2015.docx

October agenda 2015.docx

September agenda 2015.docx

August Agenda 2015.docx

July Agenda 2015.doc

June Agenda 2015.doc

May Agenda 2015-Annual.doc

January Agenda 2015.doc

February Agenda 2015.doc

March Agenda 2015.doc

March 2015 Agenda Extraordinary meeting.doc

April Agenda 2015.doc

May Agenda 2015-Annual.doc



DEC AGENDA 2014.doc

NOV AGENDA 2014.doc

OCT AGENDA 2014.doc

SEPT AGENDA 2014.doc

JULY AGENDA 2014.doc

June 2014 Agenda

May 2014 Agenda annual

April 2014 Agenda

March 2014 Agenda

Feb 2014 Agenda

Jan 2014 Agenda for Extraordinary Meeting


Dec 2013 Agenda

Nov 2013 Agenda for Extraordinary Meeting

Nov 2013 Agenda

Oct 2013 Agenda

Sep 2013 Agenda

July 2013 Agenda for Extraordinary Meeting

June 2013 Agenda

May 2013 Agenda for Extraordinary Meeting

May 2013 Agenda annual

April 2013 Agenda

March 2013 Agenda

Feb 2013 Agenda

Jan 2013 Agenda