2020 Wrose Parish Councillors

  •  Alex Ross-Shaw - Chairman

  •  Martin Humphreys 

  •  David Jessop

  •  Gillian Thorne

  •  Parvinder Gosal

  •  Susan Hinchcliffe 

Key areas of responsibiility (at January 2019):

Councillor Humphreys - Allotments; Footpaths; Nature Issues; History of Wrose.

Councillor Jessop - Cleaning; Highways; Law & Order; Transport; Environmental Health; Children & Young People;Older Poeple; Health & Well Being; Planning Applications; Finance & General Purposes; Emergency Planning.


WPC representatives to other organizations:

Shipley Area Committee - Councillor Thorne and Councillor Jessop

Bolton Villas Residents Association - Councillor Gosal


Last updated: 16/04/20