Eccleshill United Football Club

eccleshill utd fc

Plumpton Park, Kingsway, Wrose, BD2 1PN

Contact: Keith Firth Tel 01274 583440

Facilities: Eccleshill United is a local football club. It has 2 pitches, a clubhouse and changing facilities. There is a scout hut on the site.

The clubhouse has 2 bar areas. One is predominantly used by members. The other is available for functions or meetings including weddings, christenings and funerals. The club stewards can provide catering on request.

Eccleshill United is currently looking into selling one of the pitches to raise the money to improve their facilities both for football and for community use.

Regular Activities:

  Morning Afternoon Evening
Monday     Gala Committee (monthly 1st Mon) Games League (fortnightly)
7.30 pm
Tuesday     Bingo
9.00 pm Football (in season)
Wednesday   Indoor Bowls
1.15pm 3.45pm
Thursday     Quiz Night
“Play Your Cards Right”
9.00 pm
Friday     Main Room Hired
Saturday Club opens
12 noon

Junior football

Club open till 12.00 pm

Senior football

9.00 pm Functions when booked
Sunday Club opens
12 noon
Club open till 11.00 pm Bingo
9.00 pm Functions when booked

Last update: 27th October 2015